What we do.

we are a trusted partner, discreet and professional

For governments, politicians and policy makers

Policy development

Many of us cut our teeth in the business of designing, implementing and changing public policy. We know how to take ideas and craft the policy and legislative instruments to make those ideas a reality.

Branding, positioning and media management

We know how to promote policy and re-align opposition to it by building the coalitions necessary to ensure that impact is delivered. We maintain strong relationships with key civil society leaders and key opinion former’s, both locally and internationally, and are a trusted source of advice to them on how best to interpret and react to events as they unfold.

Political campaigns

We have had direct involvement managing all aspects of political campaigns, particularly at the Presidential level, and have expertise in polling, psycho-graphic marketing and grassroots coalition-building.

Reputation management

We have helped several senior government clients advance their interests in the placement and promotions process and have been there for them in moments of crisis, dispute and reputational rescue.

For International Corporates

Market entry strategy and business development

Market entry strategy and business development

We are a trusted partner for investors wanting to to access, finance and manage opportunities, especially those requiring the adept navigation of government contracting, permitting and regulation. We have particular expertise in public private partnerships and project and contractor financing

Risk analysis

Risk analysis

Several members of our team have backgrounds in forensic analysis and intelligence providing us with the ability to conduct investigations and record checks. We are best placed to gauge and mitigate the risks of corporate engagement and to protect investments.

Dispute resolution

Sometimes weak judicial systems and discretionary adherence to the rule of law can make resolving disputes and ensuring a reasonable exit difficult, even for the strongest of players. Our understanding of the terrain and political leverage provide opportunities for us to deploy creative solutions to even the most intractable of problems.